How to export and import a user certificate with powershell

How to export and import a user certificate with powershell.


Get-QADLocalCertificateStore MyStore |

Get-QADCertificate |

Export-QADCertificate -Mode Collection -Format Pfx -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString <Password> -asplaintext -force) -File c:\MyCerts.pfx |



In this command: Get-QADLocalCertificateStore retrieves a certain certificate store by name from the CurrentUser store location and passes the corresponding object to Get-QADCertificate; Get-QADCertificate retrieves the certificates from that store and passes the certificate objects to Export-QADCertificate; Export-QADCertificate exports all the certificates, along with their private keys, to a single file using the Pfx export format. This export operation requires the export data to be protected by a password, so the Password parameter is used to set a password.


$cert = dir c:\cert |Import-QADCertificate

C:\PS>Get-QADUser domainName\userName |

Add-QADCertificate -Certificate $cert


Create a collection of objects ($cert) representing the certificates found in the certificate files that are located in the specified folder (c:\cert). Then, pass those objects to the Add-QADCertificate cmdlet to identify the certificates to map to the specified user account. As a result, the certificates listed in the $cert variable are mapped to that user account.



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