How to limit bandwidth copying files with Robocopy


If you want to limit the bandwidth usage when you copy files with robocopy you can use the following syntax:

To copy a directory using /IPG to limit bandwidth usage. General rule of thumb /IPG:750 will use roughly 1Mbps. 

Robocopy /ipg:750 /z /r:3 /w:3 /tee /LOG+:c:\robolog.txt \\server1\share \\server2\share

You can find more here:


Event id 1000 – Applicaction Error on Spoolsv.exe


Today a costumer let me know that their spool service go down sometimes. I review the eventvwr and I saw that various errors appears with event id 1000 – Application Error.

For me, the solution was to give read & execute rights to everyone to EPUP6U.DLL.



How to increase MaxTokenSize


When users pertain a lot of groups or sid history has a lot of passwords this do that the token size to be increased too much. To solve this error you have two options, reduce the user group membership, reduce password history or increase the token size, (How interact a token when a user go to authenticate:

For the second option you can do the following reconfiguration on the workstations:



Entry: MaxTokenSize
Data type: REG_DWORD
Value: 48000

By GPO do the following configurations: