How to find a RunAsAccount from their SSID


Today installing and configuring various MP in a SCOM 2012 R2 I needed to find the RunAsAccount from their SSID.

Seeking on internet I found this article that say how to do.

I did the following:

Log in the SCOM OMS Server

Create a ps1 file with the following lines (Look that I changed Get-RunAsAccount for Get-ScomRunAsAccount):

Get-ScomRunAsAccount | Sort Name | % {$string = $null;$_.SecureStorageId | % {
$string = $string + “{0:X2}” -f $_}

$RunAsAccountName = $_.Name
[string]$RunAsAccountSSID = $string
if ($SSID -match $RunAsAccountSSID) {write-host “The Run As Account is .. $RunAsAccountName”}

Execute from powershell console and insert the SSID.


Open OpsMgr console and go to Administration Pane\ Run As Configuration \ Accounts and seek the Run As Account name that you saw on the powershell. Double click and on credentials tab you can see the account name.



How to recover an ip lost on a VM bad deployment with SCVMM


Sometimes when I´m doing a deployment of various VM via scripting in my test lab and some thing fail for some reason as my smb file share are out of space or something like this the ip assigned to the machine is blocked… you have not the new virtual machine and you loose one ip from the pool.

The solution to that situation is the following:

First of all execute from PS Get-SCIPAddress


Second we seek the name of the virtual machine bad deployed and we copy the ip address.

Third we execute the following command with the ip address that we want to liberate $ip = get-scipaddress -IPAddress “”

Fourth we execute the command $ip | revoke-scipaddress to recover the ip.

Also, is more easy to do from the GUI… then go to Fabric Pane/Logical Networks and there over the Pool where you are deploying vms do right click and push on Inactive Address. Select All and push Release. Easy no? 🙂



Windows Server and System Center Technical Preview is here!

Hi folks!

Microsoft published the preview of the new OS and SC Suite and… for what I hear from PG in the MVP meetings… are awesome!

WS Technical Preview:

SC Technical Preview:

Time to hands on lab!