Strategy to manage Baselines to your Fabric Infrastructure

Hello folks,

With the following workflow we can see an entire upgrade cycle of a baseline. With this, when is the second Wednesday of every month we will upgrade PRE to check if all updates applied to Hyper-V works fine. To start with this we synchronize SCVMM for download all new updates from Update Server and we will notify managers that we will upgrade all Hosts groups for PRE. Done that we will analyze what updates are necessary for our hosts and we will add to the Baseline. Next week we start to upgrade one single host, member of a cluster, in a Hosts Group starting a Maintenance Mode and Scanning and Remediating it. If some update or the hyper-v host has a problem we will check which the cause is and we will solve it. If it finish fine we do the same for the others hyper-v hosts in the same cluster, if it´s ok then we do a maintenance mode and a scan and remediate for every one of all hosts groups for PRE. When we finish for all hosts groups in PRE and all is ok we will start with PRO in the next week. If some update or host has a problem we will check which the cause is and we will solve it.

I’m sorry, I have wrote this design in spanish.

Workflow de Baselines 0.1



RDS 2012 R2 problem when configuring RD Licensing

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Yesterday, a costumer had problems in two RDS independent servers because the RD Licensing Diagnoser on the two servers show that the installed licenses was not available and also the licensing mode was not setup.

Here is the screen capture with the warning:


How I solved it? Doing the same that from the GUI but with powershell.

Follow this article:

Note The following commands must be ran from an Administrative PowerShell prompt.

  • To configure the license server on RDSH/RDVH:
  • $obj = gwmi -namespace “Root/CIMV2/TerminalServices” Win32_TerminalServiceSetting
  • $obj.SetSpecifiedLicenseServerList(“”)

Note “License” is the name of the License Server in the environment

To verify the license server configuration on RDSH/RDVH:

  • $obj = gwmi -namespace “Root/CIMV2/TerminalServices” Win32_TerminalServiceSetting
  • $obj.GetSpecifiedLicenseServerList()

To change the licensing mode on RDSH/RDVH:

  • $obj = gwmi -namespace “Root/CIMV2/TerminalServices” Win32_TerminalServiceSetting
  • $obj.ChangeMode(value) – Value can be 2 – per Device, 4 – Per user

To validate the licensing mode:

  • $obj = gwmi -namespace “Root/CIMV2/TerminalServices” Win32_TerminalServiceSetting
  • $obj. LicensingType
  • $obj.LicensingName