Big changes in MVP Award Program

Hi folks!

Few days ago the MVP Program announced big changes. These changes consists on include every technical expertise in different global categories focused on technology affinity.

In my case I go from Directory Services to Enterprise Mobility.

Here I give you the link where you can read explained all these changes and what are included in every new category.



Configuring Kerberos auth in Sharepoint 2013 Web apps

Hi guys,

Today I have been configuring kerberos auth for various web apps in Sharepoint 2013. I have followed the below link step by step and it worked fine. I hope it help you.


SQL Server Versions by product code

Hi guys,

Today I have needed to know what version of sql server 2012 and service pack my costumer is using in differents Sharepoint 2013 farms. As you know, when you check the help in SQL Management Studio you only see the product code.

With this link you can verify what means every code.


Backup AD CS

Hi guys,

With the following steps you can backup a CA.

  • Export registry with the following line from command line:

reg export “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\CertSvc\Configuration”  c:\CaConfig\backup\configuration.reg /y

  • Open AD CS mmc and make a backup pushing Backup CA, these are the steps:


When wizard appears push Next.


Select all check boxes and insert a specified path.


Insert a passphrase and push Next.


Push Finish.


In the folder where you have saved the backup you will find the CA Certificate and the database files.