Event id 1000 – Applicaction Error on Spoolsv.exe


Today a costumer let me know that their spool service go down sometimes. I review the eventvwr and I saw that various errors appears with event id 1000 – Application Error.

For me, the solution was to give read & execute rights to everyone to EPUP6U.DLL.




EVENT ID 4098 – 0x80070005, Access Denied to Group Policy Printers


I had a problem with printers on a costumer that when the GPP was applied on the computers it fail with the event id 4098, 0x80070005, Access Denied.


The problem was that someone uncheck the view server checkbox on the print server properties for the everyone group.



Event id 57 – PrintBRM.exe can´t export files more larges than 2 Gb


I had a problem exporting all printers, drivers, ports, etc in a Print Server Failover Cluster 2008 R2 (I tryed from the console and from a command line).

The error was that when I was doing the backup of the printers it fails because the export file was more large than 2 GB and the eventvwr show event id 57.

Printbrm.exe (the Printer Migration Wizard or the command-line tool) failed to place a file in cabinet (CAB) file %1 while backing up print queues. Error reported: %2. This can occur if the user does not have permission to create a file in the destination location, or if there is insufficient disk space or system resources.

To solve the problem I install the following patch: