Failed to obtain the InfrastructureMaster using a well known GUID in ADDS 2008 R2


Checking and ADDS 2008 R2 I saw the following error in Eventvwr:

AD Replication Monitoring : encountered a runtime error.Failed to obtain the InfrastructureMaster using a well known GUID.The error returned was: ‘Failed to get the ‘fSMORoleOwner’ attribute from the object ‘LDAP://DC1.YourDomainXXX.XXX/<WKGUID=2fbac1870ade11d297c400c04fd8d5cd,DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=YourDomainXXX,DC=XXX>’.The error returned was: ‘There is no such object on the server.’ (0x80072030)’ (0x80072030)


To solve it I did the following actions:

  1. Open Adsi Edit and connect to Configuration Naming Context.
  2. Go to CN=NTDS Settings,CN=YourServerNameXXX,CN=Servers,CN=YourSiteXXX,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=YourDomainXXX,DC=XXX and right click on properties.
  3. Seek distinguishedName, push View button and copy all the line.fsmoroleowner02
  4. Connect to DC=ForestDnsZone,DC=YourDomainXXX,DC=XXX and right click Properties over CN=Infrastructure.
  5. Seek fsMORoleOwner and push Edit.fsmoroleowner03
  6. Erase the line and paste the line copied steps before. Push OK.
  7. Open a new connection to DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=YourDomainXXX,DC=XXX and repeat same steps.

Your Warnings with ID 1000 will disappear.