Regional settings overrided to en-US when using a vm template from SCVMM 2012

Hi guys,

These days I´m deploying VM from vm templates. We found that when you deploy a new vm from a VM Template the regional settings are configured en-US, overriding other settings.

I found an article that fix this issue and in my case the I only have needed the following:

$template = Get-SCVMtemplate | where {$_.Name -eq “Template_Name”}
$settings = $template.UnattendSettings;


Set-SCVMTemplate -VMTemplate $template -UnattendSettings $settings

You can check the regional settings for all vmtemplates with the following PS1 sintaxis (change 2vNICs by other equal in all vmtemplates):

Get-SCVMtemplate | where {$_.Name  -like “*2vNICs*”}  | fl name,unattendsettings